Female Self-Defence

Our 5 week beginner female self-defence course is now available at El’s Fitness Studios!

CLASS INSTRUCTOR: Sana is a strength and conditioning coach, with a background of Muay Thai and Escrima-stick fighting. Sana now predominantly trains Brazilian Jim-Jitsu (BJJ) and has a passion to share the benefits of BJJ with other women in order to empower them physically & successfully defend themselves if such a situation should arise.

Q: What if you miss a class?
A: If you can’t make it to 1 or more of the 5 classes, you can re-take any class at a later date. Our 5 week course will be repeated throughout the year!


Q: Can I book my space for all 5 classes in advance?
A: Yes! This is advised as spaces are limited & will be first come first serve for each class.

Q: What if I want to continue after I have completed all 5 classes, but do not need to attend the same beginner course?
A: If we have a considerable demand for a progression class, our instructor will offer 60minute Brazilian Jiu Jitsu sessions.