Personal Trainer


Hello, I am Jenni and as a trainer I am friendly, reliable and dedicated to helping you reach your goals!


In my spare time, I love to utilise the amazing parks and green spaces we have in South London. On the weekends, I am normally strolling around Hilly Fields or Manor Park Gardens getting my dose of fresh air and hopefully some vitamin D! I love to train in and out of the gym as this is the perfect way for me to balance what my body and mind needs.

I love food and spend a lot of my time whipping up delicious and nutritious meals! I enjoy learning about nutrition and talking about what your body needs to make you feel amazing on the inside and outside.


Qualifications & Training;
-Level 2 Fitness Instructor
-Level 3 Personal Training


I became a personal trainer after going through my own fitness journey around four years ago. I worked one on one with a trainer who helped me reach numerous goals including losing weight and becoming fit. It was this journey that makes me empathetic towards others who are struggling to find balance in their busy lives. I believe that fitness and workouts should be enjoyable and exciting and never a chore. We live in a busy society and often our work and social lives are made a priority over our health and wellbeing. I am passionate about physical and emotional wellness which is reflected in my programmes.


I fully understand the challenges and at times fear of making that change. It is far from easy but investing in looking after your body is always worth it.


Personal Trainer